Dert Market // Trouble Market

The intricacies of today’s societal challenges can often be traced back to the deliberate actions of powerful entities – corporate businesses, state apparatuses, or other significant centers of influence – whose core function is to safeguard their economic and political systems, even if at the expense of human livelihoods. These constructed issues surpass routine human […]


Today, recording technologies enable us to document every moment of our lives. This time-space information, when retrieved later, facilitates the creation of a reality informed by past events. However, despite the pervasive use of these technologies, there remain areas of our lives that go unrecorded. The X-Scapes project serves as a consciousness-space for realities that […]

Meta Materials // Droplets

New Reality Materials – Metaverse Derive Source: 2022 Online Exhibition:2023 New York Exhibition2023 Venice Exhibition2023 Lisbon Exhibition Meta Materials: A New Reality Materials” is an avant-garde digital art project exploring the nuances and possibilities of materiality in the virtual spaces that form our contemporary Internet culture. A vivid visual exploration into new digital materials, […]


Interactive Data Sculpture “Specularism,” an innovative, interactive data sculpture, is a result of an immersive art residency program, “Connect for Creativity.” This exploration of the mutable nature of reality within the contemporary digital landscape represents the fruitful culmination of a unique 42-day artistic endeavor in Belgrade, Serbia. The Connect for Creativity art residency was a […]

Space Hackers

A Social Network to Hack the City Physical structures such as bridges, parks, districts, and neighborhoods constitute the physical city, wherein infinite data is generated every second. A parallel city, produced by the relationships among this data, can be defined as a virtual city. In this context, a city is described as an organism created […]

İçlek Art Project

The İçlek Art Project is presenting innovative ways of altering reality through physical experiences. It explores the architectural transformation from inanimate to animate entities, or rather, the development of intelligence. İçlek (içlek – each lack) is a unique Turkish term conceived exclusively for this project. It implies a semi-open structure that permits the environment to […]