Meta Materials // Droplets

New Reality Materials – Metaverse Derive


2022 Online Exhibition:
2023 New York Exhibition
2023 Venice Exhibition
2023 Lisbon Exhibition

Meta Materials: A New Reality Materials” is an avant-garde digital art project exploring the nuances and possibilities of materiality in the virtual spaces that form our contemporary Internet culture. A vivid visual exploration into new digital materials, it questions the nature of reality in our internet age and probes into how the aesthetics of the virtual realm may not only imitate but indeed, alter our understanding of the physical world. Through a calculated mix of familiar yet contorted digital structures, the project challenges the viewer’s preconceived notions of what a material can be, invoking a sense of unease yet fascination with the digitally surreal.

Emerging from a group exhibition devoted to exploring the opportunities of digital architecture straddling the online and offline worlds, we found ourselves plunged into a universe where conventional rules do not apply. Rejecting the traditional notion of cities as public or private entities, the project scrutinizes issues of access, touch, sight, and the very mechanics of travel. This collective journey serves as an attempt to reintegrate the concept of space into the cryptic universe, facilitating meaningful dialogue between artists and their audiences.

The artistic journey undertaken here acknowledges no boundaries, mirroring the fluid nature of our digital lives. Following Debord’s deconstruction of the existing relationship between urban dwellers and their constructed environment, the art showcased here pushes the boundaries of perspective and interpretation. Baldivieso’s work presents a purity of perspective that is full of potential and openness, while Kandri’s intricate models play with the viewer’s gaze, offering an unprecedented close-up of urban architecture. Meanwhile, Bal’s droplets offer a distilled, raw essence of urban elements – they are the building blocks of the city, an architectural equivalent to a biological cell.

“Meta Materials: A New Reality” offers a fresh perspective on our digital interactions and their implications for real-world experiences. Inviting viewers to challenge their understanding of materiality and space, the project underlines the vast, untapped potential inherent within our increasingly digital reality.

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